Interdisciplinary School In Nuclear Medicine (ISI NucMed) 2022

ISI NucMed 2022

Arronax organises the Interdisciplinary School (ISI) In Nuclear Medicine (NucMed) from 27 to 29 June 2022.

Over three days, 35 participants will deepen their knowledge in three main fields of nuclear medicine research. They have the opportunity to meet some of the best international experts in radionuclide production, artificial intelligence for medical image analysis, and theranostic approaches. This three-day thematic school is open to Master/PhD students, post-docs, junior doctors (interns) and researchers. The number of participants is limited to 35 on a first come – first served basis.

This school integrates a deliberate interdisciplinary ambition to better prepare students for the challenges of the future of the health and industry fields concerned by nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine has experienced considerable growth in recent years and innovative approaches require multidisciplinary work ranging from physics and nuclear chemistry to medicine, including biology, pharmacy, medical physic and computer science.

Lectures, pratical works and visits take place in three major research centres in nuclear medicine in Nantes : ArronaxCentrale Nantes and University of Nantes.

François Guérard, head scientist of Axis 4 of the SIRIC ILIAD “Use of innovative radiopharmaceuticals in Pet scanning and molecular radiotherapy”, will give a lecture on radiochemistry.

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Registration (No registration fees) : will open in early January 2022

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