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Our missions

Three complementary missions:

By capitalizing on the multidisciplinary nature of their skills, the SIRIC ILIAD teams have united their efforts to address an absolute priority: accelerating research to reduce the incidence of cancers and improve patient care.

Based on a true model of a continuum from cancer research to care, SIRIC ILIAD’s action strategy rests on three main missions:


  • Develop integrated, excellent research programs close to patients within a national and international collaborative network, combining all components of research, from fundamental to clinical, so patients can quickly benefit from the latest innovations from the laboratories.

    Integrated research is defined by sharing research questions and objectives across multiple disciplines (clinical, biology, epidemiology, human and social sciences, public health) and developing coherent and synergistic projects with the ultimate goal of improving cancer care.


  • Establish the necessary conditions, in terms of infrastructure and resources, to conduct excellent, innovative, integrated, multidisciplinary research and transfer (technological platforms, research support structures, protected time, attractiveness to new researchers, etc.).


  • Ensure the transfer of research to the clinic by relying on early-phase clinical research.
  • Develop scientific partnerships with the industrial sector to achieve clinical transfer.
  • Disseminate the results and know-how obtained to health professionals, the general public, and patients.