SMAC 2022: Artificial Intelligence-driven methodologies to analyse cancer data

The Statistics and Mathematics Applied to Cancer Club (SMAC) of the Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest is currently preparing its 11th days entitled “Methodologies guided by Artificial Intelligence to analyse Cancer data“, which will be held in Bordeaux on 27 and 28 January 2022.

The development of health data collection tools, massive health databases and new IT solutions (deep learning, machine learning, neuronal networks, etc.) have led to a revival of the artificial intelligence theme. Considerable interest has been shown in the use of artificial intelligence either to complement the work of humans or to replace them. These days will aim to present, in different fields of health (radiomics, genomics, …) the statistical or mathematical methodologies guided by artificial intelligence that are used today, with the ambition of entering the “black box” of these methodologies.

Virginie Rondeau, Cécile Proust-Lima and Carine Bellera, for the SMAC club

The SMAC club brings together statisticians and mathematicians from the Cancéropôle GSO who wish to participate in a community of researchers interested in cancer research. Its objective is to strengthen the links between biostatistics, statistics and mathematics teams, as well as with teams in the human and social sciences and epidemiology that use statistics. It aims both to help develop the skills of statistics teams and to make these skills better known to “statistics users”. To do this, it organises an annual symposium on a theme chosen by the club.

These days are free of charge for researchers and practitioners from the public sector and similar (including cancer centres). There is a charge for researchers from the private sector (pharmaceutical companies, CROs, etc.).



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