As part of the work carried out in the Tharget programme, the SIRIC ILIAD teams are proud to announce the publication of the book Molecular Imaging in Multiple Myeloma (C. Nanni, S. Fanti, L. Zanoni) dedicated to the use of clinical imaging in multiple myeloma.
Different topics are discussed such as the definition of criteria for PET/CT interpretation, the advantages and limitations of MRI imaging, the use of new tracers in PET, ….. illustrated by clinical cases. All of these practices are regularly re-evaluated to improve knowledge of the disease and lead to new recommendations by the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG).  This book highlights the key role played by new functional imaging techniques in predicting outcome and/or assessing response to treatment.

Read the chapter written by SIRIC members: FDG PET in Multiple Myeloma (Bastien Jamet, Clément Bailly, Thomas Carlier, Anne-Victoire Michaud, Cyrille Touzeau, Philippe Moreau, Caroline Bodet-Milin, and Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré)

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