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As part of the National Multiple Myeloma Information Day (JNM 2022) of the AF3M (Association Française des Malades du Myélome Multiple), the association has released a new information bulletin entitled “Aides et droits – tout savoir pour améliorer son quotidien”.

bulletin d'information AF3M

Since its creation, AF3M has endeavoured to publish a newsletter for its members. The first Bulletin was published in April 2008, less than six months after the creation of the association. The rate of publication of 2 Bulletins per year in 2008 and 2009, gradually increased until 2012 and stabilised at 4 issues per year since 2013.

For the National Information Day on Multiple Myeloma (JNM) 2022 “Aids and rights: everything I need to know to improve my daily life” – in which SIRIC ILIAD took part AF3M released a special issue dedicated to this question.

You will find a zoom on :

  • Des lois et des droits protègent les malades
  • Knowing your rights and existing aid
  • Which organisations?
  • Who can help me with my procedures?
  • A wide range of home help to ease daily life
  • Disability, loss of autonomy, incapacity: specific assistance is available
  • Reconciling work and myeloma: accommodations are possible
  • Laws and rights protect patients

To read or download the newsletter.

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