Workshop CGO – 30th September – October 3rd, 2020 – Le Bono, France

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The « Tumour targeting, Imaging, radiotherapies network » of the Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest is pleased to announce its fourteenth international workshop dedicated to young researchers (PhD Students and Post-Docs), even so experienced researchers are invited to participate.


This workshop will take place from the 30th of September to the 3rd of October 2020 in Le Bono, West of France and will be focused on “Adapatation of the tumour and its ecosystem to radiotherapies”.

The main objective of this international workshop is to confront the points of view and problems of the various disciplines, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Medicine, Computer science, working for the development of molecular and external beam radiotherapies in Oncology.

This workshop will focus on the latest advances in molecular and external beam radiotherapies through a better understanding of adaptation of the tumour and its microenvironment. Progress of biological knowledge of tumour escape, heterogeneity and resistance allow others various disciplines to perform treatment using radionuclides or radiation. These aspects will be developed, through the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Tumour adaptation to radiotherapies: biological aspects
  • Session 2: Tumour adaptation to radiotherapies: contribution of imaging
  • Session 3: Innovative radiation therapeutic strategies
  • Session 4: Learning and data driven techniques
  • Session 5: Futures challenges with industrial point of view and focus on European policy in Oncology

Program contents keynote presentations of internationally recognized researchers including:

  • Elizabeth Cohen-Moyal, Institut Universitaire du Cancer, University of Toulouse, France.
  • Olivier Feron, Institute of experimental and clinical research, UCLouvain, Belgium.
  • Mathieu Hatt, LaTIM, National Institute of Health & Clinical Sciences, Brest, France.
  • Heidi Lyng, Oslo University Hospital, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway.
  • François Paris, CRCINA, National Institute of Health & Clinical Sciences, Brest, France.
  • Charlotte Robert, Inserm, Gustave Roussy, University of Paris –Sud, France.
  • Irene Virgolini, Dept of Nuclear Medicine, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Award : 30 travel grant awards are available for the young selected researchers (PhD students and Post-Doctoral scientists)

Please, submit your abstract before June 15th, 2020.

Deadline for registration is June 15th, 2020.

For more information, please visit :

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