FICTIoN Cohort: Radiomic analyses of 18FDG PET and correlation with histology

Essais cliniquesType of study: Single-centre study

Pathology: Triple-negative breast cancer, operated on or undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy

Investigator: Dr. Caroline Rousseau

NCT number : NCT04226222



The main objective of this FICTIoN cohort is to evaluate the prognostic value of FDG PET texture parameters on 2-year event-free survival (EFS). These texture parameters will be correlated with an immunohistological analysis.

This research programme could eventually lead to the availability of a non-invasive test (texture analysis on FDG PET) alone or combined with immunohistochemistry results that are not currently performed routinely, which would make it possible to assess tumour aggressiveness and contribute to personalising the treatment of triple-negative breast cancers


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