Pink October 2020: SIRIC ILIAD was present in Martinique alongside the Amazones patient association!

Association amazones


The SIRIC ILIAD, Site de Recherche Intégré sur le Cancer de la région Nantes-Angers, has been developing a human and social sciences research programme dedicated to quality of life during and after cancer for nearly three years. Dr. Bertrand Porro, a researcher at the University of Angers within this programme, is focusing his work on the return to and maintenance of employment after cancer. Originally from Martinique, it is only natural that he should be involved with the Amazones association for the 2020 edition of Pink October.


Already involved for 6 months with the Parisian branch of the association, notably through workshops for the members and volunteers of the association, Dr. Porro was able to return to his native region and the birthplace of the association: Martinique, on the occasion of Pink October. The programme included conferences, workshops and exchanges with volunteers (called the “Colibris”), members of the association with breast cancer (the “Amazones”), as well as those involved in the return to work and the general public.

The first highlight of the event was the workshops. Two workshops on self-confidence took place for and with the association’s Colibris and Amazones. This edition was also marked by the conference on 16 October “Cancer and work: Turning experience into opportunity? “. The conference attracted a large number of people from Martinique, with more than 90 participants, with the aim of “presenting the problem of returning to work in a general way: its obstacles, quality of life, what to do and what not to do…”. Doctors, patients and psychologists were present, as well as social workers and people who were simply interested in this issue. This varied audience was able to create a symbiosis and “allowed for rich and fruitful exchanges between the various actors involved in the return to work”. An assessment of this intervention was even made on the television news and on the local radio station Martinique 1.


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