The “Cancer and Work” conference was held on 28 and 29 March at the IRS-UN in Nantes. During these days, organised by the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest in collaboration with the SIRIC ILIAD, presentations followed one another with, in particular, highly appreciated interventions by the SIRIC ILIAD in connection with the ReWork-QOL Programme:

  • Angélique Bonnaud Antignac and Maryse Souchard: “Breast cancers and return to work – what support is desired? What support is possible?
  • Audrey Petit: “Consultation on returning to work after cancer: a review of two years’ experience at the occupational pathology consultation centre of the Angers University Hospital”.
  • Bertrand Porro: “Proposal for a tool to identify patients at risk of experiencing difficulties in returning to work and/or maintaining employment after the announcement of a breast cancer – REWORK-BC project”.

Colloque cancer et travail des 28 et 29 mars 2019 à Nantes.: Interventions d'Audrey Petit, Angélique Bonnaud, Maryse Souchard, Bertrand Petit

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