Immuno-PET optimization protocol: anti-ACE pre-targeting

Essais cliniquesType of study: Feasibility study

Pathology: HER2 negative, ACE positive metastatic breast cancer

Investigator : Pr. Francoise Kraeber Bodéré

NCT number: NCT01730612



The aim of this trial was to evaluate a new imaging technique: Immuno PET (i PET) using a tumour specific target: 68Ga labelled anti-ACE antibody, using a pre-targeting technique. These results were compared to standard imaging techniques: FDG PET (glucose analogue), CT and MRI of the spine.

The study showed that anti-ACE PET was more sensitive in detecting metastases than the gold standard (or reference test). This includes brain metastases, which are poorly or not at all visible on FDG PET due to brain background. This potential molecular imaging technique, known as companion imaging, would allow assessment of CEA expression on a whole-body basis, including lesions not accessible by biopsy.


Publication : This study was concluded and published in the JNM in March 2020



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