Françoise Kraeber BodéréCoordinator of the ThARGET programme

    Head of the Nuclear Medicine Service at the CHU of Nantes and of the ICO, coordinator of the IRON LabEX.

    Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré is in charge of the department of nuclear medicine at the CHU of Nantes and of the ICO and is responsible for imaging in the centre at the CHU of Nantes.

    Over the last ten years she has been particularly involved in the conception of multicentre academic translational clinical trials to evaluate innovative radiopharmaceutical products in oncology, closely collaborating with industrial partners and cooperative groups. These trials have demonstrated the clinical benefits of radioimmunotherapy in lymphomas, culminating in the ‘Victories in Medicine’ award in oncology, in 2009.

    She has been in charge of the IRON LabEX  project since 2012.

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