The TLX102 treatment, resulting from the collaboration between Telix Pharmaceuticals (Australia), Osaka University (Japan) and the SIRIC ILIAD nuclear medicine teams (CRCINA and Cyclotron Arronax), has been granted orphan drug designation by the FDA.

The SIRIC ILIAD teams are involved in numerous private-public partnerships and have been partners with the Australian company Telix Pharmaceuticals since April 2018 for their expertise in astatine-211.

TLX102 (or 4-[211At] astato-l-phenylalanine) is a treatment for multiple myeloma. This little-known cancer of the bone marrow is caused by an abnormal accumulation of specific white blood cells, the plasma cells, which produce antibodies. Myeloma is a rare cancer that affects 4,000 people in France every year.

This new treatment uses the properties of Astatine-211, a promising radioactive isotope for cancer therapy, particularly for multiple myeloma. Myeloma cancer cells are disseminated and therefore require highly targeted radiation. The interest of 2-Astatine-111 lies in its decay. When it decays, it emits high-energy alpha particles that are not very penetrating to the tissue. The energy released can eliminate cancer cells and destroy the tumour, while limiting damage to surrounding healthy cells.

This innovative new treatment demonstrates the commitment and expertise of SIRIC ILIAD and its partners in the development of new therapeutic molecules for multiple myeloma.

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