The Léon Bérard Centre & the company OmiCure are looking for a PhD student

OmiCureCentre Léon Bérard

Topic : Transcriptomics-based therapy decision-support systems in oncology

Type : CIFRE (Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche)

Duration : 3 years

Industry partner : OmiCure

Academic/Clinical partner : Centre Léon Bérard (CLB), Dr Pierre SAINTIGNY

Doctoral school : Biologie Moléculaire Intégrative et Cellulaire

Location : Paris and/or Lyon

The Léon Bérard Centre & the OmiCure company are looking for a PhD candidate that is passionate and committed to break research barriers in the area of predictive biomarkers for cancer targeted therapies and immunotherapy, and in the area of blood-transcriptome as a source of cancer liquid biopsy biomarkers.

Over the last decades, precision medicine has taken centre stage, especially in the field of oncology, where patients are increasingly matched to targeted therapies based on individual patient and tumour characteristics. The biggest advances have been achieved with investigation of DNA structural abnormalities. Unfortunately, not all tumours have pharmacologically tractable DNA alterations, and approximately only 40-50% of patients will have an actionable genomic alteration, and only 20% will be treated with a drug recommended by a Molecular Tumor Board. We believe that to address this gap and increase the number of patients that may benefit from targeted and immunotherapies we should use gene expression profiles (transcriptomics) data to define new biomarkers of response.

The successful candidate will be asked to further test, benchmark and validate our current transcriptomics-based therapy decision-support algorithm, as well as, design and execute in-silico experiments.

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