On 22 October 2020 in Brussels, the COST (COoperation in Science and Technology) project dedicated to the development of alpha therapy using astatine-211 was initiated at European level. Under the coordination of Dr. Jean-François Gestin, it brings together the strengths of the nuclear medicine teams of the SIRIC ILIAD (CRCINA, Arronax and CHU de Nantes).

The COST project entitled “Network for Optimized Astatine labeled Radiopharmaceuticals” or NOAR, is one of the 45 projects selected in March 2020 from the 387 submitted. This large-scale network involves more than 16 European partners as well as American, Japanese and South African teams.

One of the objectives of SIRIC ILIAD is to develop the use of innovative radiopharmaceuticals in PET imaging and molecular radiotherapy. In line with this objective, the COST NOAR project aims to demonstrate that astatine-211, a promising radioactive isotope, can become the European standard for the treatment of certain cancerous diseases, such as multiple myeloma.

The NOAR action will establish a network between the actors of medical research and innovation on a European scale. It brings together, among others, European and international laboratories of excellence, astatine-211 production centres, hospitals, industries and patient organisations from more than 20 countries. The idea is to remove the barriers to the deployment of this promising radionuclide and to identify the diseases for which it would be most suitable.

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You can consult the COST website and the Arronax Article


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