I-Site NExT : launch of 8 calls for projects, 3 December 2018

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The NExT Initiative aims to build a world-class university site in Nantes. It has a total budget of €58 million over three years (€39 million for the Investissements d’Avenir programme, €12 million for the Pays de la Loire Region, €2.4 million for Nantes Métropole and €4.3 million in European funds (ERDF)).

There are 8 calls for projects (AAP) in the fields of research, training, innovation and international partnerships that are launched on 3 December 2018:

  • AAP Deep Tech Founders: to develop and disseminate an entrepreneurial culture among students and research staff, to encourage the emergence and intention of entrepreneurship and to provide optimal support for the bearers and their ideas
  • AAP Integrated Research Clusters: federate an interdisciplinary community to develop training, research and innovation and facilitate the development of initiatives and new projects
  • AAP interdisciplinary projects: to create and extend partnerships between researchers from distinct and complementary scientific fields
  • AAP NExT Talent Junior and Senior: to attract and foster the development of new talent and strengthen the capacity of structures to recruit new national and international profiles
  • AAP “Globetrotter! International Masters”: to promote the internationalisation of existing Masters or the creation of international Masters
  • AAP “Experimenting with pedagogical innovation”: encourage innovative experiments
  • AAP ‘International research partnerships’: to establish new or reinforced international research networks specialising in NExT themes by developing mobility
  • AAP participation in inter-university competitions of international renown: increase the international visibility of the site, develop talent, strengthen links with local companies and institutions and create links with international university teams


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