EITHICS protocol: Study of inflammation using 18F DPA714 PET

Essais cliniques

Type of study: Multicentre study

Pathology: Triple-negative breast cancer, operated on immediately

Principal investigator : Dr. Caroline Rousseau

NCT number: NCT04320030


Description :

Numerous studies have suggested the association of poor prognosis in breast cancer with macrophages. At present, only tumour removal surgery can assess the richness of the tumour microenvironment in type 2 macrophages (M2), by immunohistochemistry.

Therapeutics that can target these M2s are currently being developed but there is no reliable test to detect them apart from the analysis of the untreated surgical specimen. The “in vivo” evaluation of the M2 richness of the tumour microenvironment before the entire tumour specimen is available, would enable the management decided on the basis of the clinical examination and the biopsy results to be refined.

The interest of this EITHICS protocol is to establish the correlation between the presence of M2 macrophage determined by immunohistochemistry and the [18F]DPA-714 PET scan.


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