célébration des 10 ans de l'installation du cyclotron d'Arronax pour la production de radioéléments à destination de la médecine nucléaire et de la radiochimie

On 12 March 2019, ARRONAX celebrated the 10th anniversary of the installation of its cyclotron.  On this occasion, the elected representatives of the Region and of Nantes Métropole, representatives of the State as well as Mr. Olivier Laboux, President of the University of Nantes and President of the GIP (public interest grouping) were present.

This high-energy, high-intensity accelerator is unique in Europe and aims to produce radioelements of interest for nuclear medicine and radiochemistry. Since 2018, Arronax has been contributing to clinical trials aimed at improving the therapeutic management and diagnosis of cancers. Within the SIRIC, GIP Arronax is more particularly involved in axes 3 and 4 Programme 1 to generate innovative radionuclides for PET imaging or the development of therapies.

During this day of celebration, the official speeches underlined the importance at local level of having a scientific facility such as the cyclotron as well as the originality of Arronax’s activities, combining fundamental research, technological development and industrial production of radioelements for health. The federating role of the Arronax GIP within the ArronaxPlus Equipex was also mentioned, as well as the ambition to federate an international multidisciplinary research cluster and consolidate the Nantes radiopharmaceutical industry.

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