The Loire-Atlantique Vendée Cancer Registry publishes two updated reports for each of its departments

Registre des cancers Loire-Atlantique Vendée

Le Registre des Cancers Loire-Atlantique Vendée, partenaire du SIRIC ILIAD, a publié comme tous les 2 ans un rapport d’incidence pour chaque département, qui détaille les chiffres global du cancer et par localisation sur la période 2016-2018.

The Loire-Atlantique Vendée Cancer Registry, a partner of the SIRIC ILIAD, has published, as it does every two years, an incidence report for each department, detailing the overall cancer figures and by location for the period 2016-2018.

It includes in particular:  

  • Incidence and mortality indicators for the period 2016-2018
  • The evolution observed between 1998 and 2018
  • A comparison with national estimates

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