The SIRIC ILIAD works in particular with patient associations :


The French Association of Multiple Myeloma Patients, created in 2007, today reunites more than   2,700 members and 100 volunteers spread throughout the country. Recognised by an accreditation by the Ministry of Health, it plays a determining role for patients and their companions by :

  • Supporting patients, representing them and keeping them informed, improving their care,
  • Being their interlocutor with the health authorities and by being involved in partnerships,
  • Supporting and encouraging research.

From the point of view of the AF3M, obtaining the SIRIC certification is of major importance, because it opens up new perspectives in the care of myeloma patients, and stimulates cooperation between research teams and patients, and makes curing multiple myeloma a shared ambition.

EUROPA DONNA, Delegations from the Loire Atlantique & Maine et Loire

Association Europa Donna

This association fighting breast cancer, created in France in 1998, is recognised by the authorities, the Ministry of Social affairs and Health, politicians, health professionals and the media.

Every year, more than 10,000 women and their loved ones are accompanied, and the association is committed to :

  • Defending women’s interests through the access to quality care throughout the country, working with decision-makers in order to improve quality of life,
  • Informing patients and the people close to them,
  • Supporting and bringing together patients (and their loved ones) through local initiatives, in the regions,
  • Promoting breast cancer screening.

The association gives its whole-hearted support to obtaining the certification [SIRIC], it is of major interest to the patients, in order to open up perspectives and stimulate multidisciplinary cooperation […] so as to focus both fundamental and clinical research on the patients, and in this way work together on our ambitions to improve survival rate and quality of life.

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