Presentation of the SIRIC ILIAD

The  SIRIC ILIAD and the CHU of Nantes have a short video, where Professeur Philippe Moreau presents the objectives and the research programmes of the SIRIC ILIAD :

A better understanding of clinical research

The SIRIC ILIAD and its partners have made short, filmed sequences available so that clinical research and its challenges can be better understood:

The clinical hematology service of the CHU of Nantes

What is a clinical research emissary ?

Clinical research on breast cancer

A Patient’s testimonial

The research on myeloma

The SIRIC ILIAD and the AF3M have short videos that help understand the research on myeloma:

Research work on Myeloma

Cancer and Work

The SIRIC ILIAD and its partners have short video sequences on retaining or returning to employment after cancer :

Returning to work after cancer: the rework programme

Socio-professional reintegration

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