Stéphane MinvielleCoordinator of the PISTER programme

    Stéphane Minvielle is jointly responsible for programme 2 « cellular oncology »,  alongside Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck and Philippe Juin.

    Since 2008, Stéphane Minvielle has been in charge of the « Integrative oncogenomics of the pathogenesis and progression of multiple myeloma » team of CRCINA (Nantes Angers Centre of Research into Cancerology and Immunology). He is involved in the analysis of the genomic profile of the multiple myeloma cells and more specifically he has shown the complex evolution of subpopulations of myeloma cells under the pressure of treatment. He has also developed the Mixed research Unit of Cancer Genomics , a hospital translational research laboratory, jointly run by the CHU of Nantes (University Hospital ) and the ICO (Cancer Research Institute of the West).

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