Philippe JuinCoordinator of the PISTER programme

    In charge of the « Adaptation to stress and tumour escape » team at CRCINA, scientific director of the ICO, deputy director of the CRCINA.

    Philippe Juin is the research director at INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and deputy director of CRCINA, specialist in mitochondria, cellular death and breast cancer. He is known for his contributory mechanist studies of the members of the BCL-2 family, for his research on the connections between mitochondrial apoptotic primers and tumour suppressor pathways, and for his study on the influence of the members of the BCL-2 family on the progression of breast cancer.

    Overall, his work has contributed to establishing the members of BCL-2 as therapeutic targets in solid tumours and as tools in the development of anticancer precision medicine. The translational aspect of this activity is emphasised by his coordination of the Breast Cancer Network at the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest (The Wider West Cancer Control Institute) and by his active involvement in the translational research at the Nantes Angers centre (ICO), of which he became scientific director in January 2016, in the battle against cancer.

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