Mario CamponeDeputy director of the SIRIC ILIAD

    Director of the Cancer Research Institute of the West (ICO).

    Mario Campone is a professor of medicine at the University of Angers and has been director of the ICO since June 2016. His areas of interest include translational research into cancer, the determination of predictive and prognostic factors in oncology, and the development of new anti-tumoral agents , with specific expertise in breast cancer.

    Currently, he is a hospital practitioner specialised in medical oncology at the ICO and professor at the University of Angers. In charge of breast cancer and translational research at the ICO,  he is also responsible for the Phase I Unit, certified by the National Cancer Institute (CLIP2).

    Mario Campone is a member of the « Adaptation to stress and tumour escape » team of CRCINA, directed by Dr Juin.

    At a national level, he was president of the early-phase study group (2012-2016) and he is vice-president of the personalised medicine group at UNICANCER (2015-). Since November 2015, he has been the scientific director of the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest. In November 2016, he became President of the Cancer Registry of the Loire-Atlantique and Vendee.

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