3 integrated research programmes on oncology based on the patients‘ care pathway

The research of the SIRIC ILIAD is based on 3 integrated research programmes on oncology structured around the patients’ care pathways and their lives: from diagnosis to the assessment of the response to treatment, to the study of relapse, and after treatment with the return to work.

The research developed within the SIRIC ILIAD is founded on a functional and longitudinal study of the tumour phenotype and its microenvironment, both at a single-cell level and on the scale of the whole body. This research has various objectives :

  • To develop tools for nuclear medicine and biological tests to predict prognosis and develop innovative theranostic approaches: ThARGET and PISTER Programmes ,
  • To fight resistance from a functional angle by simultaneously exploring the tumour cells and their microenvironment during treatment: ThARGET and PISTER Programmes ,
  • To develop predictive tools for the quality of life during care and on return to work at the end of anti-tumour treatment: ReWork-QoL Programme.

Twelve thematic axes (WP1 to WP12) were developed :

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