The network of SIRICs in France

Born from the recommendations to reinforce the means of multidisciplinary research and to create sites conducting high level research, from the Second Cancer Plan 2009-2013, the SIRICs (Integrated Cancer Research Sites) are new organisations similar to Comprehensive Care Centres. Their objective is : to offer cancer research in all its components with new operating conditions, so as to optimise and accelerate the generation of new knowledge and to encourage its dissemination and application to the treatment of cancer.

The integration is defined by the sharing of the questions and objectives of the research between several disciplines, in order to elaborate coherent, synergistic shared projects, with the ultimate goal being the best possible management of patients with cancer.

This integration is the foundation of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre model.

The SIRICs reunite medical services, multidisciplinary research teams (clinical, biological, technological, epidemiological, human, economic, and social sciences and public health) and efficient, shared resources and services. Together, these components must enable the establishment of  integrated multidisciplinary research programmes .

At the end of a national call for candidates launched by the INCa in April 2017 and after examining 16 dossiers, an international committee of 14 experts, presided over by Professors Elisabete Weiderpass Vainio and Samir Kheif, selected 8 projects.

The SIRIC certification is attributed for five years.

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