The SIRIC is part of a local environment of excellence

Investments in the future : 4 structures of excellence

Investissements d'avenir, porteurs de programmes d'excellence en lien avec le SIRIC

The quality of the research conducted by the teams that make up the SIRIC ILIAD was recognised in the call for proposals of the “Investments in the future” programme and it led to the certification of several structures of excellence :

Isite Next, programme d'excellence en lien avec le SIRIC

The NExT I-Site

The NExT initiative  has the aim of developing an innovative trajectory in research, training and technological transfer and to build on its ambitious policy of international appeal. The work is carried out in two strong axes: Health and Industry of the future.

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Labex IRON, programmes d'excellence et synergie avec le SIRIC


The Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals in Oncology and Neurology (IRON) LabEX is dedicated to the development of new radiotracers for diagnostic imaging of neurological disorders and cancers, and innovative vectorised radiotherapies. Coordinated by Pr Françoise Kraeber Bodéré, the IRON LabEX is a national consortium, bringing together university hospital sites in Angers, Rennes, Tours, Orléans, Caen, Strasbourg, Toulouse…

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labex IGO, programme d'excellence en synergie avec le SIRICThe IGO LabEX

The Wider West Immunotherapies (IGO) LabEX is dedicated to the development of new therapies for combatting cancer or the rejection of transplants through better knowledge of the mechanisms of immune responses. Led by Dr. Emmanuel Scotet and Dr. Régis Josien, the IGO LabEX brings together immunologists and specialists in transplantation and cancer, from the 13 teams from the Nantes, Angers, Rennes and Brest sites.

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The synergies

lhemaThe HéMA

This hub of research of excellence groups the researchers and hematologists from the CHU of Nantes and the CHD of Vendee so they can develop new treatments and encourage the transfer of innovation from fundamental research towards their patients in hematology.

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Wider West Cancer Control Centre

The Wider West Cancer Control Institute (CGO) is one of 7 national cancer control centres and covers the regions of Brittany, Centre, Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes. Its mission is to develop ambitious research programmes between the Regions in the Wider West, to generate cancer research hubs with European visibility that have the objective of contributing to the strengthening and coordination of research, with an approach of patient-to-patient transfer.

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atlanpole biotherapiesAtlanpole Biotherapies

Atlanpole Biotherapies is an interregional competitiveness cluster for Pays de la Loire–Brittany– Centre Val de Loire, certified by the Ministry of Industry (July 2005). It encompasses the skills of laboratories, platforms and companies for a complete, relevant and competitive public-private offering, on the value chain of biodrugs, from the discovery of targets up to clinical assessment.

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