The exploitation of the SIRIC’s research is based on two aspects

The transfer of research towards clinical use

Thanks to a medicine-sciences continuum, the research conducted in the ILIAD closely associates clinicians with the SIRIC’s activities and is underpinned by an active interface with early-phase clinical research, in particular via the specialised onsite structures:

Valorisation : Recherche cliniqueThe ILIAD CLIP² Centre:

The  ILIAD CLIP² , led by the GCS IréCAN (CHU of Nantes, ICO and CHU of Angers), was certified in April 2019 by the INCa. This certification, awarded to the best French centres that have the ability to carry out early-phase clinical trials in cancer, aims to promote the access of French patients to innovative molecules, and to highlight French research in an effort to make exchanges with international laboratories more appealing and easier.

The transfer of technology

The SIRIC encourages the protection and valorisation of innovation coming from research by promoting early detection and maturation with the support of their partner Atlanpole. The SIRIC is part of an identification and accompaniment dynamic for researchers’ inventions, as well as making young researchers/doctors aware of the stakes for protecting their innovations.

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