The SIRIC ILIAD brings together an efficient network of clinicians, researchers, and academics in order to propose new solutions in oncology at the level of diagnosis, therapeutics or connected to the health pathway and life of the patients.

Open, collaborative research:

Resolutely focused on innovation, ILIAD has research partnerships at the heart of its work to valorise the results of its research programmes and to develop real cohesion with their numerous industrial and academic partners and the players in public health.

Possibilities for partnerships

  • High level fundamental research backed by advanced technological platforms (tests and screening of candidates, identification, and characterisation of biomarkers with the aim of diagnostics and therapy, …)
  • Translational research and clinical proof-of-concept with access to highly characterised cohorts and preclinical in vitro and in vivo development platforms
  • Clinical development of innovative health products (biotherapies, early-phase trials with expertise in methodology and investigation reinforced by the Clip2 unit certified by the INCa)
  • ……..

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