Sharing new knowledge and new practices

information et dissémination des nouvelles connaissances et savoir-faire auprès des professionnels de recherche, de santé, des patients, du grand public

The SIRIC ILIAD ensures the informing of, and dissemination of knowledge and new know-how to, health professionals (in towns, hospitals), research professionals, patients and the general public. This section is about the different ways we do that, such as:

  • The organisation of, and participation in, seminars and symposia linked to the research programmes
  • The training of health professionals in research
  • The acts of communication intended for patients

These actions are carried out in close collaboration with all the partners of the SIRIC : the LabEx, the users’ associations, the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest  (The Wider West Cancer Control Institute) ; ….

Dissemination to research professionals

The researchers and clinicians of the SIRIC ILIAD participate in a variety of national, European and international conferences so as to present their research results to the scientific community. They are also involved in researchers’ work groups and networks. All of this contact with the scientific community enables the emergence of new scientific concepts and new collaborations.

Dissemination to health professionals

The personnel of the SIRIC ILIAD participate in the transmission of new knowledge and new practices to hospital health care professionals as well as the town’s caregivers, through different actions:

  • Face-to-face training resulting in a diploma
  • Congresses and seminars
  • Newsletters
  • Get-togethers between specialists and generalists

Dissemination to the general public

The SIRIC ILIAD also communicates about the advances in scientific and clinical research to patients and the general public by:

● Sharing guides and newsletters about specific pathologies
● Training through e-learning
● Educational videos
● Webconferences
● Scientific open days, conference-debates, national information days about pathologies intended for the general public
● Participation in events organised by the patients’ associations , who are partners of the SIRIC
● …

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